Devin Osorio

Coiled Dracaena Cane Curtain

Commissioned by CaribBEING to create installation for The NYC Parks Department at The Leffert’s Historic House.

Caribbean-American artists Devin Osorio and Tania L. Balan-Gaubert's Gallery transforms the Lefferts Historic House front porch into a Caribbean veranda with a multimedia installation featuring Osorio's tropical-patterned Dracaena Cane Coil Curtain, comprised of hanging coiled balls, and Balan-Gaubert's salvaged furniture sculptures, Somewhere in the Unfinished. Says Osorio: "I am referencing the plants and types of objects that my grandmother decorated her own patio at her home in the Dominican Republic. This was my favorite place to be when I visited, and I want to bring that same joy and sense of island summer ease to Lefferts Historic House." Says Balan-Gaubert: "Chairs placed in front of homes in a way that suggests continued use are evocative of the lives inside who come outdoors to enjoy the weather or be in the company of others, and can be visual representations of a city… Stoop life… porch sitting… block parties and barbecues signal the aesthetics of community."

Special thank you to the following:


Lisbeth Checo


Jona Beliu

Samuel Hersher

Cesar Morales

Destiny Corporan

Yasline Checo

Jasmin Checo

Ashley Osorio

Melanie Zuniga

Joyce Siembe Saiete

Nora Molina

Pablo Serrano

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Dracaena Coiled Curtain BTS: Coiling


Dracaena Coiled Curtain BTS: Final Touches